Filter coffee 2

Filter coffee

  • Perfect blend of 80% pure Arabica coffee & 20% Chicory
  • Handpicked from the lush green valley of Coorg, India
  • Makes an aromatic thick decoction when used in a south indian filter
  • NATURAL AND PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – Cocobroma's Bold Instant Filter Coffee is made from a strong, optimum blend of 80% pure arabica and 20% chicory. This special blend of arabica & chicory is made with the finest Arabica & Robusta beans to give an experience of traditional filter coffee and leave a lingering after-taste in your mouth. Completely natural, our products have zero preservatives and zero chemicals


  • DIRECTIONS TO MAKE THE FRESHEST AROMATIC COFFEE - Add 2 tablespoons of filter coffee powder in the upper portion of the filter and cover with a retainer. Add 50 ml of hot boiling water to the upper portion of the filter and cover it. Wait for 15 mins for the decoction, mix with hot milk and add sugar to taste for your rich authentic south Indian filter coffee experience.


    • THE FINEST BEANS FOR THE FINEST COFFEE - iD Filter Coffee Decoction makes no ordinary cup of coffee. It comprises the finest ingredients to yield a thick and strong decoction for the best traditional filter coffee experience. And for that, our Robusta and Arabica beans are carefully hand-picked and plucked from coffee plantations in Chikmagalur & Coorg. The coffee is then roasted with chicory and ground before being drip-brewed the authentic way.