5-Step Cold Brew to rule this summer

5-Step Cold Brew to rule this summer

Why you should drink cold brew coffee

In the last five years, Cold brew coffee has shot itself to mega-popularity. A US-based study has found that its annual Cold Brew coffee growth increase by 370% in 2017. Slightly sweet and low on acidity, it's no wonder that our most received dm is asking for a cold brew recipe. But since the summer is upon us, your wish is our command! And if you're wondering where you can get the main ingredient for this cold brew, our filter coffee, luckily you can get that on our website. (And even luckier, wethrift has given you an exclusive discount! please go check it out!)

So why do we like cold brew so much? Cold brew is a smooth, delicious coffee drink that's easy to make and customise. If you read our Coffee Dictionary series, you probably know that cold brewing coffee is an immersion brew method. It involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for several hours, enough to let the coffee infuse. Since it uses time instead of heat or pressure to brew, cold brew coffee doesn't usually have most of the bitterness or acidity. (It also contains a lot more caffeine. Which is a massive plus for us.)

This can make cold brew coffee sweeter and smoother even without milk and sugar. Since it's as good without, it's often preferred over iced coffee. The best is, however, that you don't need any equipment to make it.

All you need is a few things you have lying at home:

A large airtight container (you don't need a mason jar! though they are cute)

90 g of Cocobroma Filter Coffee

A way to filter the coffee (like a sieve, cheesecloth, or one of these really awesome cold brew filters from WOBH filters, which make it sooooo easy)

360 ml of water.

Your 5-step guide to cold brew

Step #1: Measure

After you gather your equipment, we can get into the fascinating coffee math. The most effective way to have a delicious cup of cold brew is to make a decoction. This way, you have a potent concentrate that you can keep in your fridge for up to 3 weeks - but we guarantee it won't last that long. The most straightforward ratio you can use is 1:4, one part coffee to four parts of water. So for half a jar of our filter coffee, you'd need 180 ml of cold water. You can, of course, increase the ratio of water to coffee, but keep in mind you will need to add less water when you dilute your brew.

There is a cold brew method called the 'hot bloom' method, where you add some hot water to your grounds and let it 'bloom' (wet the grounds) for 20-30 seconds. You then top it off with cold water and leave it for steeping. We don't personally love this method since one of the pros of cold brew coffee is the lack of bitterness and acidity, but if you miss that, boil half of your water.

Step #2: Stir

While this may be an arbitrary step, it can make a difference. We recommend stirring your coffee and water with a wooden spoon since using a metal one can sometimes leave an aftertaste. If you can't taste that - go ahead and do that. Some people like to shake their containers to make sure all the coffee grounds are wet (which is indeed very important) so if you want to make sure, absolutely get your shake on.

Step #3: Steep

Essentially the most critical step, once your coffee is shaken (or stirred), it needs to go in the fridge for a minimum of 16-24 hours. You can take it out earlier or later, but remember, the longer you leave it, the stronger it will be. 23-24 hours is the sweet spot for us.

Step #4: Filter

This step makes the difference between a silky smooth cold brew or a silty gritty mess. If you use a cold brew bag like this one, you can skip this part entirely. Just remember to let it drip, so you don't miss any more of that golden cold brew. Otherwise, you can use something as easy as a sieve and a cheesecloth. Leave it over a bowl or container and let it drip; it shouldn't take more than an hour.

If you have a Pour-Over, like a Hario V60 or a Chemex, pouring your cold brew through it, and the filter will collect all those leftover grounds. It makes this an easy and mess-free process. But, whatever you do, do not press on the coffee. If you do, you're just allowing that bitterness and grittiness to go through the filter. Just set it up and return in a while.

Step #5: Enjoy

This is the part you've been waiting for. To make your cold brew, take a bit of the concentrate and dilute it with cold water, milk, cream, or anything you'd like. You can add simple syrup or liquid sweetener to make it a little sweeter. We usually add eight parts of water to our brew, but it depends on taste.

Whether you make a little cold brew or a lot, this recipe is easily multiplied. And honestly, it's the perfect thing to make at home. If you use this easy recipe and make it at home, you'll probably never need to leave your house. Your friends will come to you. We promise.

Try out this recipe and tag us @cocobroma on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Let us know in the comments why you love cold brew and what other recipes you want to see next!

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