Coffee Dictionary Part 3 - (almost) Every type of Coffee

Coffee Dictionary Part 3 - (almost) Every type of Coffee

The first part of this Coffee Dictionary taught you about beans, the second how to brew. The third part of this coffee dictionary, as promised, is dedicated to all the different drinks you can make (or order!) with your newfound knowledge.

Brewed coffee

Unlike the espresso-based drinks in the other half of this article, these drinks use just strong brewed coffee (that’s not to say you can’t replace that espresso with some coffee). Whether you like pour over, immersion or instant, that coffee can be used for these drinks.

Black drip coffee

The big guns, the original, black drip coffee is famous all over the world. Made with any of the coffee methods described in part two, black coffee is versatile, fun, and strong.

Cafe au lait

A fancy name for a simple drink — it means "coffee with milk" in French — café au lait is a cup of brewed coffee mixed with equal parts milk. This coffee is milky and often sweet, good for people who can't stand the bitterness of black coffee.

Irish Coffee

More cocktail than coffee, an Irish coffee is a combination of coffee, sugar, cream, and Irish whiskey. Sweet and Boozy, this coffee drink is perfect for any weather. Here's a great Irish Coffee recipe to get you started.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee can be made in many ways. Iced pour over, drip coffee over ice or even cold brew (read below). Simply just like a cup of steaming-hot java, you can decide if you want to add any milk, sugar, or cream.

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is made with, as the name suggests, cold or cool water, rather than hot. To get the best flavour, coffee grounds steep for 4 to 48 hours. The longer the grinds steep, the stronger the brew. Once the steeping process is over, you can filter and add cream, milk, or sugar and drink over ice. Or you can even warm it up for a hot cup. Cold brew coffee has less acidity and more caffeine than hot coffee, so it's very popular with coffee lovers worldwide. Read more about how to make cold brew coffee.

Nitro Cold Brew

Spotted in the trendiest coffee spots today, nitro coffee is a foamy, frothy cold coffee drink that's made by "charging" cold brew coffee with nitrogen. It's poured from a nitro tap, too, much like beer, which might explain why the result is very similar to a certain Irish beer. It's smooth and rich and is the most beautiful coffee you'd ever see. It's worth buying just for the photo!


Kopi is a highly caffeinated brew often served in Malaysia and Singapore. It is served black or with milk, cream and sugar, or even condensed milk. Kopi is strong and traditional and tastes amazing both iced and hot. It's often paired with a beloved Singaporean snack, Kaya Toast.

Egg coffee

Since the internet loves the thick, whipped coffee, Vietnamese coffee is a must-try. Egg yolks and condensed milk are whipped to create a creamy foam, which is layered over Vietnamese drip coffee. Don't let the eggs scare you! It makes the coffee taste rich and custardy, with the steady sweetness of a dessert.

Espresso based drinks


Said to have been created by American Soldiers as an alternative to plain, black drip coffee, the Americano consists of an espresso shot diluted with hot water. If made cold, the espresso is poured over ice and topped with cold water. Americanos are smooth and retain the strong flavours of the espresso while increasing the volume of coffee.

Espresso Romano

Simply a shot of espresso served with a lemon slice, with a few drops of the juice. This coffee is fresh and bright, full of the acidic flavours from the lemon.

Iced Espresso

Like iced coffee, this drink is made by pouring shots of espresso over ice. It can be flavoured or sweetened any way you like. And nearly every type of hot espresso drink can be made into an iced version.


Equal parts espresso and steamed milk. The milk balances the sharp bitterness of the espresso.


Much like espresso, Ristretto is made by pressing water through tightly packed coffee grounds. Instead of the general 1:2 grounds to water ratio espresso uses, ristrettos restrict the amount of water pressed through the ground, making a stronger and shorter shot.


The opposite of ristretto, lungo presses more water through the grounds, around a 1:3 or 1:4 ratio. While it has the same quantity of grounds, it gives you a less concentrated espresso.


This beloved drink is made up of espresso, steamed milk, and milk foam. Often sweetened, lattes are some of the most popular coffee drinks ever served.


Most people don’t know the difference between a latte and a cappuccino - but we've got it covered. Cappuccinos usually have more foam and a double shot of espresso, instead of more milk. Cappuccinos are perfect when you like a strong coffee with milk and a foam moustache.


Essentially a latte, Mochas come with one special ingredient: Chocolate sauce! Mochas are long drinks with two shots of espresso topped with chocolate sauce and steamed milk. Mochas often come with a variety of toppings, like cocoa powder, chocolate shavings and whipped cream. It's like if hot chocolate and lattes had a delicious baby.


Macchiatos, unlike what common coffee shops tell you, is simply three parts of foam to an espresso. While not as creamy as a cappuccino, Macchiatos cut the strength of the espresso while avoiding the foam moustache.

Flat White

The flat white is a double shot of espresso with steamed milk. It's like a slightly stronger version of the latte, with lesser foam and a small size. The milk, unlike the frothy steamed milk of the latte is creamier, resembling a smaller, foamless cappuccino. Australia imported this espresso-based drink to American coffee houses, and it's been a hit with the sippers who like the richness of cappuccino but not the copious amounts of foam. Since the Flat white is known for its smaller size, you're better off not ordering it large. A double shot latte would be the way to go!


A delicious dessert, this Italian classic is simply espresso topped over vanilla ice cream. sweet and flavourful, it is both coffee and a dessert, the best combination there is.

Cafe Cubano

Cuban coffee uses percolator-made espresso whipped with demerara sugar to make this strong, thick, delicious Cuban classic. It's a small and powerful drink, full of energy and culture.


Starbucks made it famous (and owns the trademark to the name), but the term Frappuccino has come to represent a certain type of coffee drink: an icy, blended drink of coffee, milk and 'cream base' (Starbucks' coveted secret, it is most likely some simple syrup and gum to emulsify all the ingredients). There's also usually whipped cream for good measure.

Red Eye

If you like your coffee with more coffee, this is the coffee for you. Named for its ability to give your system a jump start, this is a full cup of drip coffee topped over a shot of espresso.

However you may like your coffee, we hope this helped you decide what to order. Tell us if you want any recipes in the comments below! We hope this made your coffee journey easier, and make sure to tag @cocobroma on all your social media for us to see what you’ve made. Remember, at the end of the day, coffee is an individual experience, and it’s up to you to enjoy it.

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