Ultimate Guide To Instant Coffee???

Ultimate Guide To Instant Coffee???

India is largely a tea-drinking nation, however, coffee has become increasingly popular in the last few decades. You will find a distinct pattern here wherein most of the north and central part of the country prefers instant coffee, the southern part of the country still enjoys their cup of authentic filter coffee.
So what is this instant coffee and why are they so popular?
Instant coffee has come a long way in delivering the taste and freshness similar to a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee.
Instant coffee is also faster, cheaper, and easier to make than regular coffee.
You may know that drinking regular coffee is linked to many health benefits but wonder whether the same benefits apply to an instant coffee
This article explains everything you need to know about instant coffee

What is instant coffee?

Making instant coffee is faster, less expensive, and easier than making regular coffee. It is made by adding the powder to hot water. Coffee strength can be adjusted by the amount of powder you add to your cup.
Instant coffee is made from whole coffee beans that are roasted, grounded, and brewed. Post the brewing the whole water is removed to get dry coffee extract which is in dry fragments or in powder form.
There are two main ways to make instant coffee:
  • Spray-drying. Coffee extract is sprayed into hot air, which quickly dries the droplets and turns them into fine powder or small pieces.
  • Freeze-drying. The coffee extract is frozen and cuts into small fragments, which are then dried at a low temperature under vacuum conditions.
Both methods preserve the quality, aroma, and flavor of the coffee.
Instant coffee contains antioxidants and nutrients


Coffee contributes to a major source of antioxidants in your diet

Antioxidants help in neutralizing free radicals and help at the micro-level in protecting cells from getting damaged.
Studies show like regular coffee, instant coffee contains many powerful antioxidants
According to one study, instant coffee may contain even higher amounts of certain antioxidants than other brews, due to the way it is processed
Instant coffee also contains small amounts of potassium, magnesium, and niacin (vitamin B3)

Instant coffee contains slightly less caffeine

Caffeine is the most widely consumed stimulant in the world, and coffee is its biggest dietary source
Caffeine appears to activate a particular part of the brain that Improves cognitive function, mood, memory & reaction time for a short period of time. Caffeine is an effective aid in burning body fat and boosting metabolism
However, instant coffee generally contains slightly less caffeine than regular coffee.
Since sensitivity to caffeine varies by individual, instant coffee may be a better choice for those who need to cut back on caffeine
Instant coffee is also available in decaf, which contains even less caffeine.
Too much caffeine may cause anxiety, disrupted sleep, restlessness, upset stomach, tremors, and a fast heartbeat

Instant Coffee Contain Acrylamide

Acrylamide is a potentially harmful chemical that forms when coffee beans are roasted.
This chemical is also commonly found in a wide range of foods, smoke, household items, and personal care products.
Interestingly, instant coffee may contain up to twice as much acrylamide as fresh, roasted coffee.
However, the amount of acrylamide you’re exposed to through diet and coffee is much lower than the amount that has been shown to be harmful.
Therefore, drinking instant coffee should not cause concern regarding acrylamide exposure.

Instant Coffee Health Benefits

Instant coffee has a lot of health benefits like a regular coffee
Given that instant coffee contains the same antioxidants and nutrients as regular coffee, it should provide most of the same health effects.
Drinking instant coffee may:
  • Enhance brain function. Its caffeine content can improve brain function
  • Boost metabolism. Its caffeine may increase metabolism and help you burn more fat
  • Reduce disease risk. Coffee may reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Decrease diabetes risk. Coffee may help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
  • Improve liver health. Coffee and caffeine may reduce the risk of liver diseases like cirrhosis and liver cancer.
  • Improve mental health. Coffee may help lower the risk of depression and suicide.
  • Promote longevity. Drinking coffee may help you live longer.

Here Is What We Think

Instant coffee is quick, easy, and doesn’t require a coffee maker. It also has a very long shelf life and is cheaper than regular coffee.
Therefore, it may be very handy when you’re traveling or on the go.
Instant coffee contains slightly less caffeine and more acrylamide than regular coffee, but it contains most of the same antioxidants.
Overall, instant coffee is a healthy, low-calorie beverage that is linked to the same health benefits as other types of coffee.
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