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Instant Coffee Powder with Hazelnut & Caramel, 60 G - Pack of 2

Instant Coffee Powder with Hazelnut & Caramel, 60 G - Pack of 2

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"Double the coffee, double the taste" 

Add a little twist to your daily coffee by switching over to our instant caramel coffee. The caramel flavours infuse perfectly with the coffee to give you an exceptional blend of flavours.

Health Benefits: We've tried it, and we've never broken our 'never killed anybody' streak. It'll surely work for you too.

Ingredients: Pure instant coffee, white soluble nature-identical flavouring. mixed with burnt sugar (only for caramel coffee)

Origin of Coffee: Coorg, India

Available as: 60g of coffee content per glass jar ( 1 flavour each)

Shelf Life: 365 days

Taste notes: It has a smooth consistency and balanced flavour between the coffee and rich and nutty hazelnut flavour and a sugary caramel flavour.

Serving Suggestions: Tastes great either hot or iced. Must try as a cold-brewed Iced coffee along with whipped cream & caramel sauce.

Storage advice: Store in a cool & dark place.

If storing in the refrigerator/ freezer, pack in small completely airtight packets or jars. Before use, wait for the coffee to reach room temperature to prevent any condensation.

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